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Tired of the usual games, in which you sometimes need to invest money just to get success or goodies in the game? Then you are in the right place! Today in the article we will show you the most unusual game that will turn your mind and understanding of games in general. So let’s start our Axie Infinity guide.


And so, let’s start with this, thereby we will analyze what Axie Infinity is. In simple words, game and cryptocurrency intersect here. The main goal of this game is to promote blockchain technology through the masses in an understandable and simple way, thereby involving more and more users in this area. The cryptocurrency for the game and the development of the game itself lay on the shoulders of the Ethereum (ETH) network.

Considering that over the years, NFT has become mainstream, they have removed their uniqueness and are no longer the same as they were in the very beginning. That is why, immediately after the advent of Axie, Infinity gained great popularity among crypto and gaming enthusiasts.

If you look at the main characters, you will notice that their idea is inspired by Pokémon. It is clear that this game will be significantly different from the usual video games on the PlayStation or Xbox. At least the differences will be a new, more difficult level of play and investment. It is worth noting that these investments will be productive, and not just to improve the skill of your player, as can often be seen in other games.

How To Get Free Axes?

The only Axie Infinity, how to get free Axies currently available is participation in weekly giveways. You’ve probably heard about such online contests in different spheres of life and games as well. So give it a try, and to find out more, visit for more details.

Back in 2018, in-game contests were also held, where they broke open terrariums and animal eggs, in which everyone could participate. At the moment such a feature isn’t available, but it is possible that the developers will want to renew this cool idea that many players have loved.

Things To Know About Axie Infinity

Things To Know About Axie Infinity

The first distinguishing feature of the game is the possibility of earning money through investments. Axie Infinity how many players in this game, given this fact. And of course, their number is increasing almost every day. So why don’t you join their ranks too? To start the game, you need to recruit at least three animals for future battles. Now the minimum cost of one is about $200, and the maximum is about $550,000.

You can also say that the game has its own economy. There are special Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) tokens here. You can use them as a purchase of lands, farms, or buy new characters. Considering that tokens aren’t a simple invention, but practically real money, you can use them in real life for your own needs.

It should also be noted that there is no need to compare cryptocurrencies and stocks. By investing money in the game, you don’t become the owner of a part of it and end up receiving a part of the profit from it, as in the situation with stocks. Here you will receive money in a situation with an increase in the value of the token.

To understand Axie Infinity how to get exp, you need to play the game as much as possible and complete all the tasks and suggestions, so you will often notice how quickly your gaming experience increases. It’s just enough to devote a few hours a day to this game while getting more and more opportunities to make money.

An interesting fact is that some people are willing to leave the robot for this game! According to the Cryptoday newsletter, the average player can earn around 4,500 SLPs per month, which equals $1,500. Agree, this is quite a lot of, considering that this is just a game. More than 250 thousand players play this game every day. Each of them devotes a lot of time and energy to it, making the game strategic. This is because in order to get some kind of profit, you need to actively breed your animals in order to thereby improve experience and skills. In addition, it is very important to take part in various quests where you can get energy for the further opportunity to play this game. That is why people from countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, and not only quit their routine work and begin to improve their economic situation and increase their opportunities.

What’s So Special About Axie Infinity?

What’s So Special About Axie Infinity?

Play to make money may sound like a marketing street that can often be seen on the Internet. But this game isn’t like the well-known clickers. If you are more or less familiar with cryptography and tokens, then you will certainly understand how you can REALLY get money from the fact that you are playing this game.

Of course, in the early days of the game, it will be difficult for you to figure out what’s what, but this obliges you to read the rules properly and always follow the directions and instructions in this virtual world. First, buy three Axies. It is worth noting that you can resell them in a moment of love to get money. They can also bring you bonuses during the game. In addition, to play, you need to link your Ronin e-wallet with the created in-game account so that you can make investments and withdraw money.

As you understand, if you understand the game and make the right investments in the main characters, you can make a profit in the near future. We recommend that before registering, read the instructions and explanations on the official website of the game to enter this virtual world of Axie Infinity. We are sure that you will be able to complete everything clearly and see the results already next week of the game! Good luck!

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