The Clubhouse is a real-time communication platform, literally here and now. You enter your interests and see “rooms” with themes and experts talking about their experiences on a certain topic. You can “raise your hand” to discuss a topic that seemed interesting to you and in most cases, you will be allowed to add something or ask a question.

What’s more, you can submit a request to be a speaker in a room. At Clubhouse you can communicate only by voice, thus creating the illusion of a direct conversation, and there is no way to communicate textually. In theory, you can talk to celebrities that are already on this app, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye West, Jared Leto.

How to Get to Clubhouse?

Even if you are registered, you need to find an “invitation” from a person who is already in the application. This definitely created a stir, because we are used to getting everything quickly and at once. The invitations for each user are limited, but they can be restored for being active in the application.

Interesting Facts:

clubhouse app
  • The app advocates for using real names and allows you to change the name just once;
  • Bullying, discrimination, insults, and dissemination of false information are prohibited on Clubhouse;
  • You can’t record conversations that take place in the rooms. If you try to do this through screen recording, you will be kicked out of the application.

However, over a week ago, researchers discovered that the app transmits user’s club IDs and chat IDs unencrypted. This means that outsiders could track your activity in the application. Moreover, there has been controversy over the fact that Clubhouse collects a list of user’s contacts. The application strongly recommends all users share their address book data to help you establish contacts with people you already know or, on the contrary, invite other people to the platform.

This leads to the fact that your phone numbers appear in the contacts of other users. So far, Clubhouse hasn’t provided any comments on recent security problems. But the company plans to make changes to strengthen security and improve encryption.

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