Microsoft Wants To Resurrect Assistant Clippy

A few months ago, on the eve of World Emoji Day, which is celebrated every July 17th, Microsoft announced its intention to edit standard emoji. The company also promises to bring back to life the Windows assistant – the Clippy paperclip.

Clippy’s return is an opportunity to pay tribute to the start of work on Windows operating systems, according to Microsoft’s art director.

Windows Virtual Assistant return

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has been teasing its supporters for some time with hints about the “resurrection” of the Windows Assistant. In the end, the company offered to replace the standard paperclip with Clippy in Microsoft 365 if their post gets 20,000 likes. Let’s note that, while editing their emoji, Microsoft has decided to prioritize 3D designs to animate most of them.

According to the company’s research, about 57% of people are convinced that emoji make communication during work more professional and understandable. Perhaps very soon we will see the Clippy Windows Assistant again.

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