Unusual and in many ways funny holiday World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17 July. It is dedicated to icons, ideograms, and smileys used in electronic communication systems that are extremely popular in modern society.

These icons symbolize a person’s mood and emotions and depict a variety of objects. Together they can represent even individual life situations and form a graphic language called “Emoji”. The holiday is unofficial, but its popularity is growing very rapidly thanks to the environment in which the phenomenon has originated and continues to develop.

The holiday even has a website, which offers everyone to join the celebration and participate in flash mobs, using social networks and any opportunities provided by the Internet.

The concept of “Emoji” is derived from the Japanese words “picture” and “sign, symbol” and can be translated literally as “sign-in picture” or “symbol in the picture”.

The creator of the emoji is Shigetaka Kurita, an employee of a Japanese communications company. He developed an emoji system for pagers in the early 1990s, and later it was transferred to mobile phones and computers.

yellow emoticons

Originally available only in Japan, the emoji system has spread around the world. Even Emojipedia, an online encyclopedia explaining the meaning of emoji appeared. The appearance of emoji was created to summarize the information colored with the emotional state of the person who transmitted it.

The number of emojis grows each year and expanding opportunities for communication through graphic symbols. Using the same symbol in different contexts can be treated differently. Now emoji are gathered in groups on subjects for convenience: people, animals, transport, food, etc. This is not surprising because at the time of its appearance icons were about 170, but the number of icons has exceeded 2000 units today.

The date of July 17th was chosen to celebrate Emoji Day because it is the day that is shown on the calendar icon in iOS.

Individual large companies take part in the holiday. The most famous is the campaign of the company “Pepsi”. The Canadian branch of which has released products in bottles and cans for the holiday with the image of different emojis.

Despite the fact that World Emoji Day has no official status, it remains to accept the fact that emoji has already become an integral part of people’s communication in today’s world, which is largely done through electronic correspondence.

Our team wishes everyone a happy World Emoji Day:)

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