Passwords are an important part of every modern person’s life. They protect our mail, our finances, our medical records, social media, and more. We use them to protect the most private parts of our lives. Unfortunately, we can’t be sure of their safety. Hundreds of hackers hack into other people’s accounts every day and get personal information that is used for their own purposes, so it is important to choose a really strong password that can protect your data.

Passwords have been around since people started keeping secrets. Especially, they were often used in secret organizations. World Password Day came into our world to remind people of the importance of their personal information is protected.

Business Insider did research and discovered that 10,000 of the most common passwords allowed access to 98% of all accounts. In other words, most people are using the same passwords – and many for years at a time. Hackers understand this very well, so World Password Day is the main day in the fight against them. The organizers want to make it clear to the world that they need to come up with strong passwords.

The original idea for the event came from famed security researcher Mark Burnett. He claims that most people’s passwords are very simple and inadequate. He suggests that everyone should have a “password day” at least once a year and change it for their most important accounts.

It is not a holiday but rather a day when you can keep yourself and your family safe. Walkthrough your accounts and make your passwords stronger with spaces, numbers, large and small letters and try to create a password that a hacker will have a hard time guessing. Avoid names, dates, pet names, or anything that is used as a meme on Facebook. Good luck and be more careful!

World Password Day can possibly prevent cyber attacks as well. Read in our article how Iranian hackers attacked Israel.

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