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In recent years, a wave of combating abuse has risen, and against its background, a wave of combating an even more general phenomenon – “toxicity,” as it is called, has risen. The term is actively used by moralists and social justice activists who try to protect themselves from mass criticism or simply from troll raids. In the end, various popular things began to be blamed for toxicity. For example, the animated series “Rick and Morty” and its audience. Of course, it got ridiculous. Of course, everyone went to extremes. But that was part of the truth. Indeed, for some films, the worst game community is stressful. They are aggressive and dislike criticism. Take Christopher Nolan fans. Film critics who did not like the third Batman film were brutally persecuted. “Nolan can’t make a bad movie,” they said, “you don’t understand anything.” Today we’ll take a look at the worst gaming communities.

List of the Worst Video Game Community

Why do many of us dislike online games? Because there is no plot in them? Is it because PvP is always more difficult than PvE? Because network games are pointless and monotonous pumping? All of these reasons have some impact, but the most important, of course, is one: worst game communities, they can ruin the mood as quickly as possible or simply offer a much lower quality of gameplay than the developers originally intended. And, of course, people are to blame here – other players who, for some reason, prevent you from playing. They can be dumb, angry, unprepared. But the saddest thing is that they can be elementary trolls – people who love to mock others more than play. Now you will learn about the worst game communities that you need to learn to ignore.

Dark Souls

worst game community

A wonderful series of Dark Souls, through the efforts of journalists, fans, and a few developers, has turned into a meme over the past few years. She has long been associated with brutal hardcore, and as a result, all difficult games began to be compared to her. Dark Souls from the strategy genre, from the shooter genre, meets Hearthstone, and others. If the game punishes mistakes and you can die – this is Dark Souls and its worst online gaming community with no options. Plus, when it comes to real-world imitations of Dark Souls, the show’s hard-core fans are bound to frown.

They are always unhappy. We made them Lords of the Fallen – and they were right there: “Oh, okay, the battle isn’t quite like that, and there is no multiplayer, well, not very much”. We made The Surge for them – and they again begin to create chaos and the worst game community. They perceive the slightest deviations from the subject of adoration as a disadvantage, and this is where the worst gaming community manifests itself. Even when Bloodborne appeared, created by the same developers as Dark Souls, fans cringe because Bloodborne was played a little differently. She broke the old rules, it was a fresh look, but not everyone managed to get out of their box.


game with the worst community

Battlefield fans can be intolerable, which is why the worst gaming communities are very common here. This is the fault of Electronic Arts, which ten years ago decided to make it the main competitor of Call of Duty. Nobody asked for her, Battlefield lived its own life and had a lot of fans who were happy with the original game and some. But Call of Duty was too popular to grab a piece of the pie.

The rivalry between the two games raised new fans, some of whom also created the worst gaming community. At every opportunity, they tried to say that Battlefield is the best shooter in general, and that it is better than Call of Duty, and that it is for the elite, or that it is different – the best, the most beautiful, the smartest. Not that stupid “Cold”. They tried in every possible way to shield Battlefield, becoming victims of the trolls. Today, when Call of Duty isn’t needed by anyone, they are no longer so hot-tempered. There are already fewer arguments and abuse. But sometimes they still slip through. Electronic Arts have the worst online game community of fans that will remain with them forever.


worst online game community

Counter-Strike has two problems, including the worst video game community. Firstly, this is a very old game that has changed little during its existence, although it simply has a colossal number of fans who continue to play it many years later. And secondly, it is one of the main esports disciplines. There are so many esports teams and competitions taking place around the world. Therefore, the multiplayer game with the worst community likes to call everyone “noobs” because of any miscalculation or just a fun game. That’s not why they are here.

Every match, the most ordinary one, is perceived here as the most important in their life. And every fan is trying to squeeze all the juices out of their capabilities. And even if they are all over, they will continue to destroy you through the worst gaming community. You should definitely play like a pro. You must know all the hotkey combinations, as well as all the strengths and weaknesses of the cards. You must know everything and be able to, otherwise, you have no place in Counter-Strike. Otherwise, the worst gaming community will simply destroy you.

DOTA 2 and League of Legends

pc gaming worst community

Major MOBAs like Dota and LoL have the same situation as Counter-Strike, but their worst gaming communities are even worse. Much worse. There is time to shout obscenities into the microphone or write to the chat, and millions of people take advantage of this, pouring out their anger on other players. Unfortunately, there are no restrictions on chats here, which creates the worst PC gaming community.

In this game with the worst community, they humiliate and bring to a nervous breakdown. Many players break down and just stop playing. Or in the worst case, a person gets a bunch of complexes, which will be terribly difficult to cope with in the future. You may have even seen such people who, during the game, began to close in themselves. Playing these games is as stressful as military service. Not only do you “have to be in the meta, but a crowd of angry, irritable, ever-dissatisfied nerds can attack you for anything”.

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