worst champ in lol

The number of champions in the League of Legends reached the mark of 150 brave heroes. Each new champion brings a unique mechanic and variety of gameplay to the game. However, our long-term experience of the game shows that there are champions in the game who always represent a danger to players, and they more often lose the games against these characters. Well, our list of the worst LoL champions includes heroes who do not forgive fatal mistakes of beginners and are unstoppable in the hands of a good player. You can see these heroes more often with a dominant score and feel the strongest personal impact from them.


worst champion in lol

He is the strongest hero for invade and the worst League champion on low elo. If you play against Blitzcrank, be sure to run to a point where you can safely give your team a vision. Do not spare wards because they can save you from death at the beginning of the game.

If you play for Blitzcrank, then try to do invade with your team. To do this, write in the chat that you want to attack the enemy before the minions spawn. Avoid zeroing until you take a good position to hook the enemy to your team and if you are lucky, take the enemy’s buff.


worst lol champions

Incredibly strong in the current patch and represents a huge danger in the hands of the skilled player. With a fast snowball, he starts to destroy the whole map and leads the team to victory. If you play against Hecarim, try to control the visibility on the map to have time to move back to the tower if he tries to gank you.

If you play for Hecarim, be careful at the beginning against strong early junglers. Do not engage in a one-on-one skirmish at the beginning. Make a couple of successful ganks and then destroy enemies without fear.

Master Yi

worst league of legends champions

Incredibly easy to use and infinitely dangerous character who can kill the entire enemy team alone if he has an advantage. His skills give him great damage and mobility, which is very difficult to cope with without sword control. If you play for Master Yi, then your task is to get a few kills at the beginning and then wait for the right moment to attack the enemy team. The best moment is when the enemy heroes have spent their abilities that can stop you.

If you play against Master Yi, then make sure that your team has the cc abilities. You must focus him in the team fight and defend your mid and ADC from punishing. Perhaps he is the worst champion in LoL against which you want to play.


worst league champion

He is an ever-growing character, who inflicts huge damage with his abilities. His ult allows you to kill an enemy character with one button. Veigar deals damage to the area to all the characters in the fight, so he should die first. If you play for Veigar, then you should focus on the farm at the beginning. Kill minions with your first skill and get extra Ability Power. When you get an ult, use it for the kill of an enemy hero. The combination of your abilities will allow you to kill almost any character.

If you play against Veigar, you must attack when his abilities have a cooldown. Wait until he spends his stun and then attack, but try to avoid W because even without the stun, he can kill you if you catch all the abilities.


worst champ in lol

It is absolutely the worst champ in League. The feature of Yasuo is that he attracts the worst players from your team and the best of the enemy. Many people use him to boost accounts, as it is hyper-carry, which has great mobility and increased critical damage and can cope with the entire enemy team. We advise you to ban Yasuo and not play for him, in the hope that his skills will allow you to win. He requires skill and experience, which in the future allows you to take the desired rating points.

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