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The number of frames per second is one of the important things that can give players a clearer and smoother picture, which will certainly affect the gameplay itself. For example, if you prefer to play CS:GO, an element such as FPS will be most important, especially if you want to improve your level.

But how to boost FPS CS:GO? We will help you with this! In addition to showing you the way to improve the performance of your game, along with this you will get an improvement in the performance of your PC.

Which Card Will Help You Fully Test CS:GO FPS Boost?

The Steam Workshop has a dedicated FPS Benchmark map. Here is the algorithm of actions as follows.

  1. Subscribe to the card in the Steam Workshop.
  2. Open or restart CS:GO.
  3. Click Play and change Official Matchmaking to Workshop Cards. FPS Benchmark will appear in the list.
  4. Select a map and start the game. Start testing: for this, you need to shoot the Start button on the wall.
  5. Save statistics after the test is complete.
  6. Quit CS:GO.
  7. Change your Windows or game settings.
  8. Start CS:GO again and load the map.
  9. Run the test and save statistics when it finishes. The test calculates the average number of FPS, but in the process, the current values ​​are displayed.
  10. Compare the results. Repeat as necessary.

When we have dealt with the map, we can move on to how to boost FPS.

How to Boost FPS in CS:GO: Best Ideas with Using Windows 10

how to boost fps

Here are some basic ideas to help how to boost the CS:GO FPS of the game through the computer itself:

Close All Unnecessary Applications

The fewer tasks are running on the computer, the more resources remain and boost FPS CS:GO. We recommend that before starting the game, try to close as many applications as possible (browsers, instant messengers, other applications, and games).

Update Video Card Drivers

Modern software updates may enable your graphics adapter to perform more efficiently. You can download some updates from the official websites. You can also update drivers for other system components. After that, almost immediately you will notice the boost CS:GO FPS as well as an improvement in the quality of other games and applications.

Enable Game Mode

Game Mode can be seen already in the Windows 10 Creators Update. The OS advises its users to use their PC in play mode if they’re developing anything. This can improve the stability of the system, as well as allocate more resources for games or work. To enable the mode, go to the settings and the “Games” item. Then just turn on “Game Mode”. This boosts FPS CS:GO, as well as your other games.

Remove Visual Effects

Although visual effects make a regular desktop more beautiful for us, it requires a lot of resources to execute. You can turn them off by going to “Advanced System Settings,” then “Performance” and then Options. ”Under Visual Effects, select“ Provide Best Performance ”.

Disable Game Recording

Xbox DVR is a built-in feature that allows you to record your screen while you play through Xbox Live, Steam, or other services. This feature can work discreetly and even when you are not going to record anything. But you can turn it off in the settings.

Set Power Scheme “Maximum Performance”

Here you need to click on the battery icon, which is located near the system clock in the lower corner of the screen. Then move the battery status to “Maximum Performance”. This can be done through the system settings. This is the easiest way how to boost CS:GO FPS.

Then Go to the Item “Power Supply”

Go to your PC settings, then to “System” and “Power”. Click on “Additional power options”, and then on the button for changing additional settings. Set all available values to their maximum. It should be noted that in this case, the cooling mode must also be activated. If you plan to play from a tablet, just click on the battery settings in the lower right corner, as we described above.

Set Graphics Options “High Performance”

Go to the Options menu and find Graphics Settings. In the desktop application, add the csgo.exe file and select the High-Performance mode for it. This tip is great for CS:GO how to boost FPS.

Tune Video Card

For this task, you need to go to the official application for your video card (it can be installed immediately along with downloading the drivers). In the settings, select the maximum performance mode. It should be noted that in this case, the graphics may deteriorate. This point can be considered the most important for FPS boost CS:GO.

Set Game Priority High

First, start the game itself. After that, go to the task manager of your computer using the Shift + Ctrl + Esc keys. Right-click on csgo.exe and select the “Details” link. Then change your priorities. If you have already done this, you can immediately skip to the “details” section. After that, select our link csgo.exe again. Select a high level in the “Set Priority” tab. As a result, the system will give more resources to boost FPS in CS:GO.

Disallow Indexing of File Contents

This is very important not only for CS:GO boost FPS but also for your PC. While you are indexing files, the OS can view their metadata and other product content. After that, it creates a special individual index (thanks to it, you can quickly find the information you need). This process is quite long and consumes a lot of resources. You can change this in the system settings.

Disable Antivirus and Security Tools

This software actively analyzes all occurring events – and consumes a lot of resources. To disable the built-in security tools, click on the shield icon next to the clock on the panel in the lower right corner, click “View Security Dashboard”, go through the steps and disable whatever you think is necessary (first of all, protection against viruses and threats). You will immediately notice the boost CS:GO FPS.

Clean Your Computer from Dust

The smaller the device body, the more efficient the cooling system. This means that the risk of throttling is lower when individual frames are skipped to reduce the load. Accordingly, the CS:GO boost FPS is higher.

Overclock Your Computer

You can change device settings and increase its performance at no cost:

  • overclock the processor;
  • increase the power of the video card;
  • speed up RAM.

Note that not all component models can be overclocked. In addition, there is always a risk of system failure. But if you do everything carefully and do not try to immediately set an overclocking record, then the FPS boost CS:GO will be greater.

We think our article helped answer the question of how to boost FPS on CS:GO. Good game!

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