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We all know and love this interesting and enticing game because, in it, you can play not only with your friends but also meet and make new ones. As a result, you can create the perfect team and defeat your opponents. But your success will depend not only on your team but also on the skills you have.

Your Counter-Strike rank will depend on the capabilities and skills that you have. And the higher your rank, the more privileges you get in the game. But how to rank up in CS:GO? We will tell you about this in more detail below.

What Does CS:GO Rank Up Mean?

If you have just started playing this game, then for rank up CS:GO you will have to sweat. If your goal is to get to the first rank, you should play simple matches, gaining experience from victories. And to enter the second level, you will need to play any of the following modes: casual game, “Arms race”, “Destruction”, “Danger zone”, or “Deathmatch”. If you wish, you can try each of them and choose where you like to play the most.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to see your first rank if you haven’t won 10 matches yet. This can be difficult if you aren’t quite a pro yet because more experienced players can come across on regular maps.

It is also very important to know that there is some limitation in the game that many players don’t like very much. There is a limit to the number of games you can win. This number is equal to two wins. But after you are ranking up in CS:GO, this restriction will be lifted.

There Are Several Ranks in the Game:

ranking up in csgo
  1. Silver. These are the lowest ranks. In this category, there are mainly only beginners, and there are no strategies in the gameplay. Very often in these ranks, you can see “Smurfs”. Smurfs are those players who have a high rating and experience but play from other accounts. This often happens if the player is already tired of competing and constantly defeating opponents of lower ranks. It is because of these players that it will be difficult for beginners to get out of the silver titles.
  2. Novas. There are already players here who have at least a little experience in the game. They begin to learn about the principles of economy, spray smoke, and other important nuances of the game. In the higher ranks of this division, there are those players who, for example, can aim and kill the enemy, but still not perfect. Here they have basic knowledge, but no special skills yet.
  3. Master Guardian. The top echelon of the players. They know different trends, they know everything they need to know about sprays, and so on. To advance to the very top of these ranks, you need to improve your skills and abilities as much as possible, analyze and correct your mistakes, and change your playing style.
  4. Legendary Eagle Master and Global Elite. And these guys are already considered elite players. They know everything about CS:GO, and more. They can kill you so quickly and unnoticed that you won’t even have time to aim at it. But if you really know and understand some principles of the game, you can reach this level.

How Ranks in Counter-Strike Work?

When you have already managed to pass these 10 victories, you can get into one of 18 skill groups. Which one you will fall into, the game will determine based on your match results. Now you can play as much a day as you like. You can play and win even for days without stopping (but we don’t recommend doing this for your own health). But you should understand that you can play with players who are 5 ranks higher/lower than yours. An exception will be a pre-assembled team of players, which will include 5 people.

Then, based on your victories, defeats, and their numbers, you can move to another skill group or higher or lower. The very mechanics of Counter-Strike go ranks aren’t fully understood by many players. But we can definitely say that the best option would be to fill your hand and make more wins.

If you stop playing and let’s say you return to the game in a month, you will lose your skill group. But don’t worry. It can be returned if you win again, or at least there is a draw in the match.

How Do You Rank Up in CS:GO?

csgo up

As you already understood: for CS:GO ranking up, you just need to improve your knowledge, increase your skills and win. If you lose, your rank will go down. But this isn’t as bad as it sounds. Thanks to this, you will be able to fill your hand and more quickly get forward and move to the next rank. Here are some more helpful tips to help you improve your skills effectively:

  • Try to find those players for whom the same goal is important. It will be quite difficult for you to always stand in a single line. Try to form teams with them and move forward together.
  • Collision with “grievers”. They are called those eggs whose main goal is to lose the match. This is another reason not to queue up alone.
  • Rank isn’t the main thing in the game. Even if you aren’t in the LE category, you can play like a true pro. In addition, the title will only help other players determine who you are. If you change your goal and don’t get stuck with victories, you can improve your rank more effectively.
  • Prime. Thanks to this opportunity, you will protect yourself from scammers, hackers and aimbotters who can hinder you in your career ladder. If you have Prime, you will also play with players who use this feature.
  • Improve your shooting skills. It is best to train these skills in the “Deathmatch” and “Arms Race” modes. You must try each weapon and determine which one is right for you. It doesn’t have to be the coolest and most expensive weapon, because it may not be effective at all.
  • Repetition for the professionals. This shouldn’t be done at all. Yes, you can try it, but only to determine how it will be more convenient for you to play. You won’t be able to do it the way they do it, because they know many other important nuances.
  • Choice of cards. For beginners, we recommend using only one card. It is worth disassembling it completely. Thanks to this, you will be able to feel the timing of where and where the enemy can hide and much more.

Thanks for reading the article! We are sure that thanks to our advice, you were able to understand how to rank up CS:GO and improve your skills.

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