We all know very well that video games often have a large selection of weapons. Each game has several options for weapons from small pistols to grenade launchers and beyond. But ordinary weapons cannot defeat large villains and tenacious enemies. Therefore, it is better to use iconic video game weapons to combat them.

How do I find it? How does it work? What are the best weapons out there? We will tell you all this further. In addition, we have created two separate lists with the coolest video game swords and best video game weapons for fans of their different subspecies.

Coolest Video Game Weapons

And so let’s start with the famous video game weapons. Below are the coolest ones:

Zero-Level Energy Field Manipulator (Half-Life 2)

iconic video game weapons

This type of weapon clearly shows what is capable of going and how Source works. Thanks to this cannon, Gordon can easily attract various objects, sometimes heavy ones, to launch them later at the enemy. It is very interesting to watch the action when the circular sawflies into the zombie Ravenholm (highly recommended trying!). If, however, there is an overload, you can safely throw concentrated energy or people nearby.

Crowbar (Half-Life)

iconic video game swords

It was she who became the cult weapon in this game beloved by many players. This happened when the Worthingonts first arrived at Earth. Then they saw a scientist running towards them in glasses with a crowbar in his hand. In addition, it can represent the entire line of Half-Life games. And she’s really worth it.

BFG 9000 (Doom)

best video game weapons

You can understand everything at once if you decipher the abbreviation of the name: Big Fu*king Gun. This weapon can let you shoot enemies with massive plasma balls that can deal a lot of damage to them, or even destroy them all in one go. In early versions of the game, weapons could kill anyone, but the situation with the main boss was more complicated. And in new versions of the game, BFG 9000 has been improved and has become even more deadly for opponents. It is interesting to know that although the weapon was very cool and necessary, in the beginning, some players said that it was decommissioned from an ordinary toy cannon from a children’s store.

Plasma Cutter (Dead Space)

famous video game weapons

This weapon undoubtedly has a place in the collection of famous video game guns. We can’t even imagine what Iser Clarke would do without him. The game allowed the player to use this tool, instead of the usual pins and machine guns. In addition, this cutter can be upgraded as you play. While firing with the Plasma Cutter, a powerful ionized charge cuts right through the Necromorph, leaving them no chance to retaliate. By the way, it is very cool to watch how the rays pierce, and the limbs of the enemy fly away in different directions.

Fire Flower (Mario)

coolest video game weapons

The flower can definitely be considered a very good adaptation for the hero Mario, after the Super Mushrooms. This non-standard type of weapon allows the plumber to throw fireballs. It can help him overcome those enemies who don’t perceive jumps but move only on the ground. Interestingly, it existed back in 1985 when Super Mario Bros was released, but it is clear that for so much time it was able to be further improved.

Famous Video Game Swords

Let’s together with you now determine the chart of the best iconic video game swords:

Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda)

famous video game swords

We all know perfectly well that there are so many types of good weapons in The Legend of Zelda series of games, but the Sword Master will forever remain the cult weapon of the game and the best choice. As the legend says, the sword has some magical power that helps fight evil and inflict colossal damage on opponents. Link used it when he was time traveling. This is exactly the one hundred key mechanics of the game. In addition, in Wind Waker, he possessed even greater power, which was able to turn the Evil King into stone.

Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

famous video game guns

He will open this list with dignity because this isn’t just a metal stick, but a cult instrument of all versions of the Final Fantasy game. It is quite large, approximately as much as 6 feet long and 1 foot wide. For Cloud, this sword is very important because it fully embodies his thirst for struggle and the goal of staying alive. He got it from Angel Hewley, who was its first owner.

Hidden Blade (Assassin’s Creed)

coolest video game swords

He became a cult gun from the very first part, which was released back in 2007. He can even be seen on many screensavers of the game. With each release of a new series of the game, together with the blade, we get more opportunities for its use. For example, already in the second part, the hero could wear two blades at once. In addition, a hidden pistol can be attached next to it. And in the new part, this weapon will be moved to the upper part of the arm.

Kunai (Mortal Kombat)

iconic game weapons

From the very first part of the game, Scorpio already had this weapon on a chain, which could appear in his hand before inflicting heavy damage on his opponent. It is very epic that it pierces the second player, who has almost no chance, after a few hits with a sharp weapon.

Energy Sword (Halo 5: Guardians)

iconic video game guns

He closes our top iconic game weapons. Players can often refer to it as plasma, like a projected blade creates a blade from ionized gas, after which it takes on a bright glowing blue color. In the Halo universe, the sword is held by some Sangheili players and nobles. Thanks to him, you can kill an enemy who is very close at a time.

Thanks for reading to the end. We hope you find these iconic video game guns useful in future games and victories!

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