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All space lovers dream of making at least one flight outside our Earth. But so far this opportunity isn’t available to everyone. It should take at least another 10-20 years to fly into space as if just for rest, everyone could. But what if you want to fly anyway? There is an exit! And this release was space RPG games. It may seem to you that these are just toys. But this is far from the case.

The video game industry is now quite advanced, so almost all games are of high quality and interesting. And if you also play in virtual reality glasses, then you will even want to fly into space. But what are the best space games of all time? You will find out now.

Space Adventures Games

So, let’s first define what these space exploration games mean. It isn’t difficult to understand that the main place of action will be outer space, planets, and galaxies. This is a rather interesting type of game because they are all filled with mystery, fantasy, and exciting adventures. If this is an action game, then it’s even cooler! They feature various unusual types of weapons that shoot lasers, spacecraft, villains from other planets, and other aliens. Therefore, we strongly recommend playing a few games of this theme. And to make it easier for you to decide on the list of the coolest of them, we have come up with the top best space games for exploration for you, which will surely make you play them for hours.

Best Space Multiplayer Games

Now let’s move on to the most important and interesting part of the article and the best games about space:

Alien: Isolation

best space games

A lot of people love and know this film. This game was the first full-fledged survival-horror game based on it. His fans will be especially interested in overcoming the main evil on their own. The main goal will be to hide as well as possible and run away from the Alien so that he doesn’t defeat you. The difficulty lies in the fact that with practically no means at hand you won’t be able to kill him.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

space adventures games

Although this game is over 15 years old, it is still interesting and popular. Although the main emphasis here isn’t on space travel, on the complex tasks of Darth Revan, who will hunt and fight with his apprentice Malak throughout the game, the game doesn’t cease to be so exciting. Throughout the game, he also meets other heroes who help him along the way. The fate of many of these assistants will depend on you and your decisions. Therefore, you should take it seriously. In addition, we can travel across the galaxy in our starship.


best pc space games

The entire series of these games can successfully go to our list of the best PC space games. The main theme of the game is about the struggle of the people of the Space Command of the United Nations against the alliance of various aliens. The Master Chief, who is the protagonist, will be humanity’s last hope in this incredible battle. With the release of new parts of the game, it has become more interesting and complex. The developers have improved the artificial intelligence, after which the enemies began to behave in battles in different ways, which adds unpredictability. Also, in part 5, the storyline is quite interesting, because here you can play as different characters, which makes it possible to look at the same situations from different angles.

Dead Space

space rpg games

Engineer Isaac Clarke became the protagonist of this interesting game. It just so happened that he got stuck on his spaceship due to a malfunction in it. Aside from this misfortune, he also faced necromorphs to fight. Also, from time to time he solves various problems. In solving them, he is helped by equipment, which is also capable of slowing down enemies, as well as attracting objects, so that they can then be thrown. The game is designed to the smallest detail. Therefore, when the hero is in zones without gravity, he can move through the air or the ceiling, and if he goes into open space, then he should complete missions as soon as possible because oxygen supplies are quickly running out. This game can definitely be attributed to the best space games. We advise you to go through the entire game to the end to find out what dangers will pursue the main character, and what will happen to him at the end.

Elite Dangerous

best space games of all time

This game will worthily close our chart for the best single-player space games. In this game, the developers have tried to make an almost endless and beautiful space. In the game, you can study as many as 4000 billion different star systems, which are practically not similar to each other. Therefore, you will have to try very hard to get around each one. Here you can do absolutely everything: if you want, you can just ride through space, if you want to explore new stars, get various resources, and so on. In addition, this game has not spared wars, fighting various representatives of the Galaxy. Believe it or not, you can also plunge into the realm of politics here. The trick is that there are also quite different situations, intrigues, and ways out of all this. This is where you can hang out for a very long time.

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