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Every modern company that specializes in computer technology and the like comes up with and tests new various technologies that can affect the reproduction of computer video games.

Several companies were able to talk about their new achievements and goals. For example, the concept of Google or Microsoft cloud games was posted on the net for general viewing by users. Here they are trying to hear the opinion of people in order to give them a new opportunity, to broadcast games over the Internet, even without using any disks and console installations. And yes, this is indeed possible with the cloud gaming service.

This service isn’t new. About ten years ago, this same feature was also being developed, but attempts were unsuccessful. But after this time, when various new technologies appeared in this area, this idea became a reality. Let’s take a closer look at cloud gaming servers.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Each of us, before sitting down to play a video game, must first start the console or PC, insert the disc and wait until it starts. The speed of this process will undoubtedly depend on your hardware. But now everything will be completely different!

Cloud game is a new method of playing video games using remote servers at data points. Thanks to this, you will no longer need to download and save games on your console or computer. But in return, you need a reliable internet connection to avoid lags while playing. Here all games are played through some remote server. Although you cannot see this gaming cloud service, you can freely manage and interact with it through your device (be it a personal computer, tablet, or even a phone).

Let’s explain in simpler words. Everything here works in much the same way as from the Netflix platforms or any other of them. The cloud gaming platform also accepts and processes input, plays the game, and so on. At the same time, you don’t need to have a super-powerful video card to download games. For their stable operation, only a device and a good Internet connection are required. Thanks to such a cloud, you can easily play your favorite games from your own smartphone, or download them to your PC.

How Does Cloud Gaming Work?

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Depending on which cloud-based gaming service you use, you will need to have a monthly or yearly subscription. In some cases, you will have to pay extra for some games.

For example, if you are using GeForce Now, games that may come to the service from other stores will be used locally with the purchase of all the hardware you need. Here you will wait for a game for a long time and play a little. But if you upgrade to a game cloud subscription, you will end up with more playing time even without the need for special hardware.

Let’s consider another option for cloud games online. You can easily buy any of your favorite Google platform games and play them on any device that can support the Full HD format. With this permission, you don’t have to wait extra time or queue. If you want to use a paid subscription, then this extension will increase to 4K format! To this, you get a separate library, which will include games for which you will no longer need to pay (of course, this is while you are using a paid subscription). But with these services, you won’t be able to play games locally, as is possible with GeForce Now.

Some services may also release apps for users to stream games. For example, through the application, you can play Google Stadia games on your personal computer. In addition, for Apple device owners, there is a separate app that will also allow you to play Stadia games through Safari. And the owners of Android gadgets in the Play Store also have the ability to cloud gaming download. Regardless of the device, each player will start their work with the clouds game through the “Play” button. And it is from this moment that streaming starts.

It is interesting to know that almost all cloud services can be compatible with controllers that have a Bluetooth connection function. If you don’t have such a device, there is no need to get upset and run to the store for it. You can also use a regular keyboard and computer mouse to stream your game. If you play games through phones, tablets, and other touch-enabled devices, the games will also be played and controlled by this function. This feature is also available for Stadia. But if you are using gaming clouds Chromecast Ultra, you will have to spend money on buying the right controller (it costs around $70).

How Long Has Cloud Computer Gaming Been Around?

In general, cloud world games technology appeared back in the 2000s. But as we know at the time the Internet, its features and speed were not as advanced as it is now. That is why it took another ten years to improve the technology.

The very first such service was OnLive, which was officially introduced to users in 2010. It had support with various types of operating systems. Already in those days, it allowed people to play console games on other devices. Yes, the games had the appropriate quality, systems, and much more, although the cloud system itself was not so perfect and completely thought out. This led to the appearance of braking and lag in games. Ultimately, the number of sales of this platform fell, and all assets were sold to Sony.

Around the same time as OnLive, Gaikai was introduced. Two different models were available here. In one, the streaming demo was played on websites. This was done so that players could test the game before purchasing it from retailers. Thus, it was an attempt to get rid of digital sales. In the second version of the server, the games were also played on websites, but they were already purchased from the official manufacturers. 2 years later, Sony bought the service and improved its capabilities. They added the ability to stream games from PlayStation consoles to other devices such as TVs.

Why Is Cloud Stream Gaming Still Popular Today?

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Previously, services such as OnLive and Gaikai didn’t have much popularity among video game lovers. The main problem of this was the poorly advanced infrastructure. They didn’t have the huge range of services and capabilities that are now standard in the Google and Microsoft clouds. Modern games cloud developers have been able to allow users to use different platforms in almost all corners of the world. That is, this function has become more accessible for every owner of a smartphone or PC.

Besides the fact that this technology has improved technically, it basically began to work. This concerns the development of a reliable connection to the Internet networks and other important systems. It is clear that at the beginning of the development of OnLive and Gaikai, this was the highest level, but years later, when new opportunities began to appear, these services ceased to be relevant due to their performance.

Now, thanks to the fact that cloud services have some kind of funding (which mainly comes from many large companies in the world), their level of work is improving. Accordingly, the function is becoming more and more popular. In addition, here you can take into account that every year the cost of consoles and other necessary devices, this option will be the most optimal. Considering the fact that now some games can only run on a specific version of the console. This will be especially relevant.

Also, now you don’t have to worry about where to store it all. You don’t have to have a big box of discs and constantly wait until they finally load. Now you also don’t have to waste time downloading updates in games, which also significantly speeds up the gameplay.

Moreover, the main advantages and popularity of such services include their ease of use. You can play without any problems even from your own smartphone, without connecting any wires to it, and without loading game discs. In addition, there is no dependence on the size of the screen and devices for the game. You can also keep playing your favorite games with your friends. And if you have a good mobile connection, you can continue playing without any problems even on the move or while traveling.

It is clear that full cloud services won’t replace consoles and the like, but this will be another step in the development of video game technology.

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