Realistic faces in games

Realistic characters’ faces have been around in video games for a long time, but they are still very far from being super realistic, which will be difficult to distinguish from a real person. You are probably familiar with the Uncanny Valley effect, which implies that a robot or 3D model of a person, which looks very realistic, causes hostility from the observer.

The lack of a perfect human face and hyper-realism in video games is not lacking because the game companies are poorly trained or lack the skills. The fact is that it is very difficult to repeat with maximum accuracy all the emotions of a human face and make it move naturally. A particularly difficult emotion is a smile, you probably often noticed when in a game a character really looks so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish him from the real one, but all this disappears when he smiles.

In order to fully replicate human emotions, the Ziva Dynamics visual effects studio uses the innovative Unreal Engine. They create facial animation technology that works by capturing a person’s face in real time. Special motion sensors were attached to the girl, tracking the most minimal changes, and thanks to this, her 3D model in the program was able to exactly repeat all the changes in her face and even her smile! It looks pretty cool and has almost no Uncanny Valley effect.

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